Autoimmune Healing Bowls

Loaded with dark leafy greens, lean protein, turmeric, and healthy avocado, these autoimmune healing bowls have everything that your body needs and nothing that it doesn’t! #aip #aiprecipe

30 Days of Mediterranean Flat-Belly Dinners

If you are looking to burn belly fat and follow the Mediterranean diet, we have done the work for you. The Mediterranean diet is naturally high in fiber and includes foods that have been shown to burn belly fat, like artichokes, chickpeas and avocados. The other components of the Mediterranean[…]

Simple Olive Oil Pasta

Textbook Mediterranean diet, this simple Olive Oil Pasta has just a few ingredients. On your table in less than 20 minutes this quick and easy recipe will become a favorite! #easypasta #mediterraneanpasta #oliveoilpasta

Chicken or Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice

A favorite easy low carb meal to prepare! Perfect for when you are craving fried rice! Using grated cauliflower instead of traditional rice keeps carbs and calories at bay while enjoying a classic Asian dish! Add your favorite protein with the appropriate amount of Healthy Fats and you have a[…]